watermelon & cheese


the basic formula here is

sweet & juicy fruit + salty & savory cheese = delicious

cheese-wise, something soft but crumbly like feta (most classic) or ricotta salata or young pecorino or a blue or a harder goat works best, but anything is fair game. that combination alone is enough for a delicious salad or dessert (how many dishes can be both of those eh?), but if you’re feeling inclined, any assortment of these additions works well:

dressing of olive oil and acid (from citrus like lemon or lime, or vinegar like balsamic or red wine)

herbs (basil, mint) or greens (arugula, watercress)

vegetables like cucumber or red onion (raw or pickled)

something briney like capers or olives

other fruit like tomatoes or stone fruits or a different melon

if you’re looking for specific recipes, try this or this or this. or closely related, watermelon and yogurt or cantaloupe and mozzarella.


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